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We produce a wide range of publications covering topical issues or legislative changes.

Loose lips and leaky homes

13 December 2017. by David Abricossow.

The case of the leaky home, the dinner party, and the expensive battle that followed.

The recent Court of Appeal decision in Mason v Magee [2017] NZCA 502 has highlighted the perils of doing a deal between friends and reinforced how important it is to complete a full investigation when purchasing […]

Is your trust safe?

25 August 2017. by David Abricossow.

Is your trust safe?

A recent High Court decision offers pragmatic guidance on how to limit the impact of the infamous Clayton case on your family trust

Trustees owe a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries of a trust which means that trustees must act in the […]

When creditors can be too demanding

15 August 2017. by David Abricossow.

Statutory demands and what to do when you receive one

The recent High Court decision in McRaeway Group Limited v Lane Neave [2017] NZHC 1138 is a sharp reminder to small businesses that ignoring a statutory demand can have serious consequences.

The facts

The plaintiff (MGL) was served with a statutory demand […]

Rural eSpeaking Winter Spring 2016

22 August 2016. by Johnston Lawrence.


The Winter/Spring 2016 edition of our regular rural e-newsletter, Rural eSpeaking, is published today. Its fresh new design complements our other e-newsletters. Your PDF is attached.

We hope that you find the articles in Rural eSpeaking both interesting and useful.


  • Obligations associated with owning working dogs
  • Residential Tenancies Act applies to accommodation for farming staff
  • Over the Fence:
    • New regulations for […]

Employment law changes: are you ready?

4 April 2016. by Lisa Mckeown.

We recommend that businesses review their employment arrangements regularly. But it’s particularly important to do so now given recent changes in the employment arena:

  • Changes to flexible working arrangements came into force on 6 March 2015.
  • On 1 April 2016, the Employment Standards Legislation Bill came into force. This:
    • extends parental leave eligibility;
    • introduces […]