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We have a significant trusts practice. We create and manage trusts that suit all relationships, families, charities and entrepreneurs.

We are specialists in the establishment and management of:

  • family trusts
  • charitable trusts
  • trading trusts

Family trusts

It’s best to develop a strategy as your asset base grows or your family grows. A trust can protect your assets for your family and future generations.

We can help you provide:

  • long term protection of your hard earned assets
  • security for you and your family
  • an orderly transfer of your wealth to family members.

We have a professional trustee company that can act as a trustee and provide experienced advice to support your goals. We also use a specialist software system to help your trustees manage your trust.

Our services include:

  • establishment of tailor made trusts
  • transfers of assets to trusts
  • management of gifting programmes
  • annual reviews
  • variations or resettlements of trusts
  • vesting of assets to beneficiaries
  • record management.

For further information, just ask for a copy of our publication “To Trust or Not to Trust”.

Charitable trusts

Not-for-profit organisations face unique issues.

We can help you establish the best structure for your charity: whether a charitable trust or incorporated society.

Our services include:

  • drafting trust deeds or constitutions
  • advice about management and governance
  • registration with the Charities Commission
  • compliance with rules and legislation.

Trading trusts

A trading trust owns and operates a business.

We can help you establish the best structure for your business: whether a trading trust, limited liability partnership or something else.

Our services include:

  • establishment of trading trusts
  • advice about management and governance
  • transfers of assets to and from trusts
  • annual reviews
  • vesting of assets
  • record management.

Staff Contacts

“My family has used Johnston Lawrence for two generations and we are happy with the prompt and meticulous attention to detail we have received.”
Sylvienne McClelland, Aotea Macadamias

“Johnston Lawrence have always provided a very prompt and efficient services for our all are family and Trust financial transactions and estate planning, with everything clearly and fully explained.”
Dr John Durham, Medical Practitioner