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Wills and Estates

Asset management can involve enduring powers of attorney, wills and other strategies.

Enduring powers of attorney

If you become unable to make or communicate decisions it’s essential that there’s someone you trust who’s entitled to deal with your assets and provide personal care.

You can save your loved ones a lot of stress and money by giving someone an enduring power of attorney. You can give the attorney full authority to deal with all your assets or the powers can be limited to looking after specific assets. You can even choose when you want the power of attorney to take effect – now, or when you’re unable to manage your affairs.

You can also authorise an attorney to act in relation to your personal care so it’s clear who can authorise medical treatments or procedures and sort out your accommodation.

We offer:

  • enduring powers of attorney tailored to your wishes
  • other powers of attorney
  • independent professionals to act as co-attorneys.


Enduring powers of attorney and Wills are valuable documents which every adult should have. If you pass away without a Will your loved ones may face difficulty sorting out your estate which will be divided in accordance with prescribed rules – not your wishes.

We can help prepare a well drafted Will which meets your wishes as well as your legal obligations – a worthwhile legacy in itself.


We also help executors repay estate debts, deal with final tax matters and to distribute estates. We actively support executors with clear and accurate advice.

Our services include:

  • applications for probate or letters of administration
  • administration of estates
  • retrieval or liquidation of foreign assets
  • advice about challenges to Wills.

Staff Contacts

“Johnston Lawrence handle an estate and a trust I am a trustee of. Updates and actions have always been of a high standard, with business dealt with promptly and efficiently. I have no hesitation in recommending Johnston Lawrence to prospective clients based on my positive experiences with the firm over a number of years.”
Malcolm Bell, Principal Advisor

“Friendly service, clear information given to us i.e. legal issues put into clear precise "english" for us to understand. Also we were given advice about parts that we could do ourselves so as to keep within our budget.”
Trudy Robb