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What to expect

At Johnston Lawrence, our Partners are accessible and oversee all aspects of our client relationships.

We are competent, professional and care about you and your business.

What you can expect from us

  • We aim to provide you with high quality, pro-active and usable legal advice;
  • We will answer your enquiries and telephone calls promptly – if for any reason we cannot do this, we will let you know;
  • We will ensure that your work is handled by the best available person;
  • If an assignment may fall outside our expertise, we will refer you to an outside specialist;
  • If you wish to pay all or part of your fee in advance, we will place your money on interest-bearing deposit until we have billed you, and credit you with the interest;
  • We publish our regular client newsletter, Fineprint, to keep you informed of important legal issues.  For interested clients we also publish electronic newsletters titled Trust e-Speaking, Commercial e-Speaking,  Property e-Speaking and Rural e-Speaking;
  • We are committed to a high standard of service.  We conduct regular client surveys to ensure we meet your expectations;
  • We have procedures to identify and respond to conflicts of interest.  If a conflict of interest arises we will advise you of this and follow the requirements and procedures set out in our internal policy manual and the Law Society’s Rules of Conduct and Client Care for Lawyers.

What we expect from you

  • You will always be open and honest with us, informing us of everything you think may be important to your matter;
  • You will ask us questions if you do not understand any aspect of our advice or services offered;
  • You will seek our advice before you make any important decision that may have legal ramifications;
  • You will pay our bills on time;
  • You will tell us first if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our services.

What to expect:

Expectations of our relationship with you.

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Changing to Johnston Lawrence:

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“This was my first contact with legal matters but I was very pleased with the outcome.”